Web Curator Tool
The Project Team

The Web Curator Tool has been built with support and contributions from professionals at the National Library of New Zealand, the British Library, Sytec Resources Ltd., Oakleigh Consulting, the National Library of Australia, the Library of Congress, and many others.

This photo shows the Project Team squinting into the bright New Zealand sunshine (taking a break from the design workshops) in the upper courtyard of the National Library building in Wellington.

WCT April 2006 Design Workshop

Back row: Arun Persad (Web Archivist, British Library), Alison Hill (Curator of Web Archiving, British Library), Brendon Price (Software Engineer, Sytec Resources Ltd).

Front row: Gordon Paynter (Project Manager, National Library of New Zealand), Ingrid Mason (Resource Analyst, National Library of New Zealand); Brett Beaumont (Lead Developer, Sytec Resources Ltd).

Absent: Philip Beresford (Project Officer, British Library), Steve Knight (Project Sponsor, National Library of New Zealand), Phil Doole (Project Manager, Sytec Resources Ltd), Nic Waight (Software Engineer, Sytec Resources Ltd).

The Web Curator Tool Test Team included the Project Team; Vanita Lala, Susanna Joe and Alistair Young at the National Library of New Zealand; and Nicola Johnston and Ravish Mistry at the British Library.