Web Curator Tool
Web Curator Tool Version 1.1 GA Release Notes

Release Notes

Version 1.1 is the first official General Availability (GA) release, and was officially launched at IWAW06 on 22 September 2006.

Known issues

The issues below are serious problems that you should be aware of before using WCT version 1.1GA for wen harvesting in a production environment. Tese, and other less serious issues, are managed in the Web Curator Tool bug tracker.

Issue Bug Tracker Resolution
Crawls Stuck in the Stopping State.
Sometimes a harvest will be run successfully, but after it has completed the Target Instance will get into the "Stopping" state and remain there permanently (i.e. it does not go on to the "Harvested" state). The underlying problem is (usually) that the harvest includes a URL that is over 1000 characters long, which overloads a field in the database after the harvest result is copied to the digital asset store.
1711256 Update your harvest profile to exclude URLs that are too long. See the bug tracker foe instructions.
Network connection lost when multiple harvests running on the same harvest agent.
It is possible that when two harvests are running on the same harvest agent, the last harvest started will finis earlier than the other harvests, and this will cause the other harvests to lose their network connections and end prematurely with many network errors in the local-errors.log file.
1702224 A patch has been developed and will be posted in the bug tracker. This will be rolled into WCT 1.2 (but is not in WCT 1.1.1). We may simple upgrade to Heritrix 1.12.X and avoid the problem completely.
Digital Asset Store purges harvested material prematurely.
The Digital Asset Store can be configured to purge harvest results after a set period of time. It is intended that only Archived results are purged. Version 1.1GA incorrectly purges any results after the period is up.
1685710 See notes in bug tracker. Fixed in 1.1.1 beta.
Asorted minor browse tool issues.
The browse tool used to quality review target instances has several bugs that are all minor in isolation, but cumulatively can make it difficult to review complex websites, or websites with certain features. Problems include: web pages with empty anchor tags (bug 1541022), paths that contain spaces (bug 1692829), some javascript links (bug 1666472), some background images will not render (bug 1702552), and CSS files with import statements (bug 1701162). Note these will not stop you harvesting successfully, but canin some cases make quality review a chore.
1541022, 1692829, 1666472, 1702552, 1701162 All scheduled to be fixed in time for release in WCT 1.2. That release will also include new guidelines and instructions for using the quality review tools.


New features

  • ReferenceNumber field for Target, Group and TargetInstance objects
  • FileReference field for Permission objects
  • Fields for recording Selection information in Target objects
  • HarvestType field for Target objects
  • Add a textbox labelled ?Name? to the Target Instance Search Form
  • ProfileNote field for Target objects
  • Basic descriptive (Dublin Core) metadata
  • Type field for Group objects
  • Sticky search forms: reset button needed [SF 1531646]

Fixed Bugs

Id Name Type
1535706 activity report - audit Bug
1540247 Homepage "box order" Enhancement
1540254 Homepage - buttons Enhancement
1534546 (Agency) Linking seeds to permissions Bug
1536373 UC04 - Audit Quality Review actions Bug
1541711 Requested Object Not Found error Bug
1528164 Traget Instance stuck in "Stopping" state Bug
1529274 Email address all-lowercase Bug
1529272 Icons missing mouseover text Bug
1528773 Bad images from compressed ARC files Bug
1530147 User, Role, and Agency sorting None
1529276 Target Description field is very short Bug
1535893 System Activity Report - more detail required Bug
1535563 provenance note Bug
1541022 Review - String index out of range exception Bug
1533641 Changes to bandwidth settings not recorded in audit log Bug
1533577 field length None
1529291 Comma instead of fullstop in name abbreviations Bug
1528745 Editing the Default Profile sets its state to inactive Bug
1529285 textarea styles Bug
1531396 There is no confirmation on delete of Target or User Enhancement
1533637 Target Instance Queue search: "From" field should be empty Bug
1533594 pending permission dates Bug
1533597 delegated target: new owner's In Tray Bug
1534161 Rename TargetInstance search result columns Enhancement
1533600 relabel radio button Enhancement
1533986 Target Name field is too short Bug
1533585 notification failure None
1533582 icon repetition Copy/Transfer Enhancement
1531668 Test schedules: form validation Bug
1533589 field missing None
1534297 Modifying Target Instances None
1535560 reviewing harvested target instances Enhancement
1534148 Harvest Authorisations: cannot view Permissions or Agents None
1533587 stranded post action Bug
1535634 Manage Groups issues None
1535656 no delete or copy None
1535662 delete profile Bug
1535665 No way to request a harvest of a Target immediately Bug
1535667 pause all running harvests None
1535919 Harvest Authorisations: privileges Bug
1536212 Adding seeds to a target with 'Auto' Authorisation Bug
1536179 (Agency) Manage Roles privilege allows unrestricted editing Bug
1530077 How to view harvester alerts? Bug
1530125 Target Instance search result date column Enhancement
1533461 permissions privilege Bug
1534290 user interface issues Bug
1534303 claiming tasks: recording claimer Bug
1535702 UI Bug
1536699 Expired permissions - linking and status Bug
1534295 user interface issue Bug
1536571 Claimed tasks can be deleted by non-owner Bug
1536706 Harvest deferred notifications Bug
1537712 Some tables of search results don't label Action column Bug
1537415 User address field to small Bug
1537700 Search area is smaller than its contents Bug
1537707 Default search by "State" checkboxes inconsistent Bug
1538193 User deletion Bug
1531622 Object names not visible when leaving the 'General' tab Bug
1534558 Changing the base profile Bug
1537378 Agency URL: form validation Bug