Web Curator Tool
Developer Overview

The Web Curator Tool (WCT) is written in Java and designed to run in Apache Tomcat. It has a flexible architecture, allowing the components of the tool to be distributed over multiple servers. The Documentation page provides more detail, including a system architecture document, and system administrator guides.

A WCT installation is made up of several components:

  • the WCT Core (including the web server, scheduler and other central components),
  • a relational database,
  • the WCT Digital Asset Store (where harvesteed material is held prior to archiving), and
  • one or more Harvest Agents (responsible for gathering web content).

The components communicate using SOAP over HTTP, so can be distributed across mulitple machines, (including machines using different operating systems). The WCT can be installed on any platform that supports Apache Tomcat, and has been tested on Red Hat Linux, Solaris, and (to a lesser extent) Microsoft Windows. Three relational databases are officially supported: Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL, though any of the databases supported by Hibernate ought to work.

Free Software

The Web Curator Tool is free software distributed under the terms of the Apache Public License (version 2), and itself makes use of part or all of several other open-source components. These include: